Reset Seagate Personal Cloud

“Are you wondering how to reset your Seagate Personal Cloud to default?” If yes, continue reading this page to know more about the same.Seagate Personal Cloud is a cloud-based storage media that allows you to store and access your important files in one location. Once you have connected this drive to your network device (router), it is ready to use. You can also set up and access it from your Windows or Mac computer.

Seagate Personal Cloud Reset

Some of the highlighting features offered by the Seagate Personal Cloud drive are listed below:

  1. Dashboard: This allows you to create and access your data from your computer. Also, it helps you in backing up your data from the computer to the drive.
  2. Seagate Mobile Backup: Helps you to back up your data from your mobile device to the drive.
  3. Seagate Media: Stream your favorite media from the drive to a mobile phone, smart TV, or streaming devices like Roku.
  4. Backup Manager

Even if this cloud-based storage drive is easy to set up and use, the users face some problems when using it. However, most issues are easy to fix. When the troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the issue, you can reset the drive to fix it.

The Seagate Personal Cloud reset process is a straightforward method to perform. The reset procedure restores the network settings to default, and the drive will move your other data to its Recovery folder (sub-folder of the Public folder).

  1. Initially, turn off the Seagate Personal Cloud drive if it is turned on.
  2. Next, get a paper clip or pointed object.
  3. Locate the hole named Reset at the back of the drive.
  4. Now, insert the clip or pointed object into the hole and press the button.
  5. Turn on the drive while holding down the Reset button.
  6. Count for 20 seconds and then release the button.
  7. Now, the reset process will be initiated on the drive. (You can confirm it by checking the LED status on the drive. If the LED blinks in red, the reset process is initiated.)
  8. Wait for the Seagate Personal Cloud reset process to complete.
  9. Once it is done, the LED changes from blinking red to steady white light.
  10. Reconfigure the drive settings as per your preferences.

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