Seagate Goflex Home Not Connecting

Seagate Goflex Home Not Connecting

Do you face a problem in connecting your Seagate GoFlex Home to the server, and do you receive the “failed to connect to a central server” message? If yes, you’re not alone.

Many users face this problem and receive the error message while setting up their GoFlex Home drive for the first time. It occurs due to so many reasons. However, you can fix the “Seagate Goflex Home connectivity” problem pretty easily.


The Seagate GoFlex Home drive may not connect to the server if:

  1. It is not connected directly to your router.
  2. The Ethernet cable is not connected securely.
  3. There is a problem with the network settings or the drive itself.
  4. There is a UPnP error on your router.

Troubleshooting Solutions

Perform the two troubleshooting methods (given below) one by one. After performing the first method, connect your drive to the server. If the Seagate GoFlex Home drive is not connecting to the server again, perform the next method.

Re-performing the initial setup

  1. Unplug or disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router and the drive.
  2. Connect one end of the cable to the Seagate drive and the other end to your router.
  3. Ensure that the cable is connected securely.
  4. Also, ensure that you’re not using a switch or hub for connecting the drive to your router.
  5. Turn on the drive and the router.
  6. Ensure that all the lights on the drive are on.
  7. Check if it is connecting to the central server. If not, try the next method.

Fixing the UPnP error

If the Seagate GoFlex Home drive is not connecting to the server even after it is connected securely to the network, then the problem might be with your router. If your router is facing a UPnP error, there is a chance for these kinds of issues to occur.

Set up the port forwarding settings on your router to fix this problem.

  1. Initially, identify the ports on your router that are opened for the drive and note them.
  2. Next, visit your router’s web GUI page.
  3. Locate and click on the Port Forwarding option.
  4. Type the ports in the given fields.
  5. Select the desired protocol.
  6. Finally, click the Enable or ON button.
  7. Once you have configured the port forwarding settings on your router, connect the Seagate GoFlex Home drive to your router using the Ethernet cable.

Now, check if the drive is connecting to the server.

Contact us if your Seagate GoFlex Home is not connecting to the server even after performing the above two methods.