Fix Seagate Central Blinking Green Light

Seagate Central Flashing Green Light

Every router has a series of LED lights on its top. Each LED light indicates the different stages of the wireless router. The LED lights on the top of the router used to blink at different stages. Usually, the Seagate Central router takes about three to four minutes to complete its boot-up process. During this boot-up process, you can find all the LED lights on the router blinking in different colors and patterns.

Carry Out The Below-mentioned Steps To Find Seagate central Blinking Green Light:

  1. So, during the boot-up process, if you find a green light blinking on the top of the Seagate Central, then it indicates that your router is still booting.
  2. Wait for less than 10 minutes for your Seagate Central router to complete the boot-up process.
  3. If the LED is green and keeps blinking, then try to turn off your Seagate Central router.
  4. To do it, unplug the power cable from the router.
  5. Wait for few minutes.
  6. Later, connect the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of your Seagate router and turn on your router.
  7. If you still find the green light blinking on top of Seagate, then try a different Ethernet cable.
  8. Repeat this step for at least four times.
  9. If the LED light on the top of the Seagate router keeps on blinking, then try a different connection.
  10. Disconnect the power cable and the Ethernet cable from your Seagate Central router.
  11. Now, turn off your computer and disconnect the Ethernet cable from it.
  12. Wait for a few seconds.
  13. Connect the router to your computer using the Ethernet cable.
  14. Turn on both the computer and your Central router.
  15. Now, check the network status of your Central router on your computer by following the instructions given below.
  16. For Windows users: locate and click the Network icon available in the taskbar.
  17. For Mac users: Click the Finder icon.
  18. If the network status is Connected, then you can see the green light stay solid.
  19. By using these steps we can find the Seagate central blinking green light.

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